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Welcome to the electronic order manager system of Tourist Taxi Eger !

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We take security of passwords strictly on our site, so we will never send out a forgotten password by e-mail. The passwords stored in our database can not be decrypted, so if a user has forgotten their login password, they can only be deleted.

To delete the password, follow the instructions below:
  1. To start the process, enter your e-mail address below. Entering a login name is only required if you have multiple accounts with the same email address, but you will be prompted if this is required.
  2. Once you have entered the data, click Send. After checking the information you entered, a verification code will be displayed, which must be entered in the text box that appears. Write the typed code on a sheet of paper, because after the password deletion it will be your temporary login password, no temporary password will be sent by email either.
  3. Warning! When checking the displayed code, capital letters are not distinguishable, meaning that you type the code in lowercase or uppercase letters, but as a password, it will be saved as you typed it, so note it!
  4. Entering the code and its correctness we will send you an e-mail that you can click on the activation link to validate your password cancellation request to confirm that you really requested it.
  5. After activation, you can sign in to the site using your user name and the temporary password. After activation, change of the temporary password is mandatory, enforced by the system.
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